Rufus: Director

At the University of St. Andrews I studied marine biology becoming interested in the impact humans have upon coastal ecosystems, particularly seagrass ecosystems. Since then I have gone on to work in arts and science outreach drawing on my passion for music and science to use them as educational tools. Green18 started as my own desire to change the way I personally impact the environment and has now developed into a platform which can help inspire and educate people across Scotland to make similar changes!




I studied Geopolitics at the University of Dundee focussing on reconciliation and peacekeeping. The environment is something I never really embraced in my classes, in fact, I actively avoided environmental science for most of my degree. But, despite my best efforts, it turns out the environment cannot be ignored in geopolitics, and our planet’s resources continue to be a cause for major concern. Green18 has made me realise just how blissfully unaware I am of the mammoth problems facing our world today, and how we can all make a difference in fighting them.