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#Green18 started as an endeavour to discover what areas of my everyday life could be easily altered to reduce my impact on the environment. There is so much information thrown around by the media and large organisations that it is hard to know where to begin, or how to have an impact yourself without help from those with political or financial power.

I have recently completed a marine biology degree with a particular interest in marine ecology and more specifically the ecology of seagrass ecosystems. It was inevitable that I would learn about the countless ways in which humankind is having an influence on the natural world during the four years of my study, but environmental issues and climate change have also caught my attention with several mainstream headlines in recent years. The Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 was a significant step forward for the global environment and was widely publicised all over the world, contrasting with President Trump’s opinions retracting from such progress. What I consider to be missing from the headlines, however, are simple do-it-yourself steps that anyone can practise at home, away from scientific jargon and political bias.

Enter #Green18.

I identified all the aspects of my everyday life that had a negative impact on the environment before searching for simple solutions that wouldn’t hit my quality of life or my bank balance too hard. Many of the aspects I identified are well-known to be damaging to the environment but rarely acted upon. I decided it was about time to stick to goals that I would set for myself, discovering and dealing with barriers along the way, personal or otherwise, that might make this transition more difficult.

On this blog, I intend to regularly post useful information and advice to help people reduce their own impact on the environment. I also hope to reveal my struggles and reveal setbacks I have experienced along the way. I am going to start with learning more about each of the 18 steps and sharing the most useful information I can find.

Anyone can take on this challenge. You can join the full campaign with me and stick to all 18 steps, or you can take on as many of the steps as you think are personally achievable for you. You could even start with one challenge and, when you are comfortable with that, take on a new one. The point is that everyone can make a difference, we just need to believe that we can so that a difference is actually made. Join in now, encourage others to join, share your progress and make that change.

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