In Need of a Spring Clean


This has been a busy week for #Green18!

We began our blogs, Food Re-Viewed and T-eco-nology. These will come back every week with new recipes and treats for you all to try at home alongside some apps, gizmos and gadgets for you to help improve your #Green18 lifestyle.

We also had our first public #Green18Clean at Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh. We were very happy to have a team of 8 wander through and pick up litter whilst enjoying the lovely weather. It was surprising how much litter we could actually find as we wandered through a seemingly green and clean area. There were several common offenders like Starbucks and Costa coffee cups, McDonalds drink cups, Coca-Cola and Barr plastic bottles, and plastic bags on the walk. What was surprising, though, were some other finds.


In Scotland, straws have hit the headlines with the news that plastic straws will be banned by the end of 2019. This hasn’t stopped them from being discarded across most of the area we covered on the clean up. The straw count was well in to the double figures by the end and each of us was astonished. It looked like the source of the straws was either the nearby Subway or Starbucks Coffee, judging by the green straws that we collected.


One other astonishing find were nurdles – tiny plastic beads used by large companies to melt down and form into larger plastic products. There is a lot of attention for nurdles in the press because they are now being found washed up on shores across the globe. I have very rarely considered nurdles being spilt on land too! I have registered this find @ and you should keep your eye out to do the same if you are ever out picking up litter!

Check out our Facebook page to find out where and when the next #Green18Clean will be!

The rest of my #Green18 challenge is definitely more difficult to achieve than I ever thought it would be. So much of everyday life sends you down the easier but more polluting route. If I forget to make a soup for my week’s lunches, I head out to buy a lunch and realise that there is very little I can buy without some sort of plastic involved.

In addition, I have not yet reached my goal of one meat meal a week… I had some great advice whilst watching the rugby yesterday – if you force yourself to only eat meat from the butcher you are likely to minimise packaging, choosing to eat local produce and probably restricting what you buy because of the extra expense - #goals. Plastic is still very much in abundance at home. This could be tackled better if I venture to a packaging-free shop but not everything can be found in these #Green18 havens. I am going to start tackling my plastic consumption on a room-by-room basis to concentrate more on the sources of the problem. This week will be ‘Bathroom Week’, so come back next week to see what I have and will do to reduce plastic in the bathroom.




   'Bathroom Week'

Despite these difficulties, I am happy that word about the campaign is being spread and getting others involved. It has been such a lovely experience to hear those reaching out to me to let me know they have been inspired by the things I have posted or to share their own tips and experiences with me. I have had countless documentary suggestions which have all been AMAZING! I have had people spend their time coming out and collecting litter with me. I’ve had people actively starting conversations about environmental news and what they can do to help.

I really do believe that, between each of us, we can stop having this awful cumulative impact on the environment shown so excellently by documentaries and TV series like the BBC’s Blue Planet 2. Look out for our first post in our new blog 'Reel Talk' this week!

Having experienced the great people of Edinburgh, Scotland and, indeed, those from the rest of the world that I have been in contact with, I know that there is enough desire to get the world to #makethatchange and turn the momentum around!


If you want to host your own #Green18Clean or get in touch about getting involved contact us by email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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