The Long Game

Celebrating Mothering Sunday (and Mother Earth!) with the Incan Pachamama ('Earth Mother')

Celebrating Mothering Sunday (and Mother Earth!) with the Incan Pachamama ('Earth Mother')

It is weeks like this one that remind me how difficult the battle of convenience versus #Green18 really is. As I am writing this I can’t help but think about that bottle of Ribena I drank with lunch the other day, or the Chinese takeaway I had last night or the bacon I had for breakfast… These all go against the goals I have set myself and the morals I am trying to live by. Should I be ashamed of all of these? Absolutely not.

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If I had known two and a half months ago where this #Green18 New Year’s resolution was going to take me I would never have believed it. I am almost at the point of using no harmful chemicals, I haven’t used any plastic bags for a month, I haven’t bought any bottled water in 2018 and for the first time this week I have had six vegetarian dinners (and I have prepared no meat for myself!). As well as that, I have been able to drag Maia along with me with less kicking and screaming than I expected. It has been such a rewarding and comforting experience with many of you, our readers and followers, getting in touch with so much enthusiasm and so many of your own suggestions. It has also been a real delight to see our website has been read by people across the planet from the USA to Russia – hello world! Getting as many people to take on board this lifestyle has so much more of an impact than one person with an impeccable environmental record, so don’t worry about your cheat days (as long as you are getting other people on board!).

There are quite a few interesting activities coming up this week. The University of St Andrews’ Chamber Orchestra is performing the first of three concerts, with Beethoven’s 6th Symphony ‘Pastoral’ as part of the programme. These concerts are all coordinated by the University’s Music Planet platform that combines environmental issues with the arts. They have been doing some lovely projects already educating people across Fife – here is a video that our own Maia Gentle made for one of Music Planet’s school workshops, where leaders told children about the importance of whales in our ecosystem and how they communicate using music. I have been lucky enough to be able to work with Music Planet this year and I will be travelling with them on this project as they perform in St Andrews, Arran and Bute. If you can make it to any of these concerts, it would be great to see you! Check out the Music Planet website for more information about the concerts and their other projects.

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We are also going to be launching some #Green18Clean events further afield than Edinburgh so watch out for our new Events page filling up. Earth Hour is approaching on the 24th of March, and we’ll be sharing coverage from around the world! We are also now starting to build up some events for Earth Day, which is on Sunday 22nd April. If you would like to host your own #Green18Clean on Earth Day then do contact us – we would love to reach out to as many parts of the country (and the world!) as possible!

I must also mention how fabulous Kimberley Somerside has been with her idea to start our ‘18:00 News’ blog, which she will write for every week. She really is an inspiration with her enthusiasm for #Green18 keeping us all going!

Please do keep following our progress and sharing it with others! Please also share your own #Green18 stories with us on social media – we would like to hear from everyone starting something new this week!

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