Hopping Towards Earth Day


Happy Easter to you all! We have had a very busy weekend eating lots and seeing family, but it’s also been a very busy weekend for Green18. Here's our weekly update. 

Yesterday marked the launch of our plans for Earth Day, which will be happening worldwide on the 22nd of April. We will be hosting litter picks in several locations around the UK in order to help target plastic pollution in our environment and raise awareness of the Green18 cause. The first few events are now live on our website and on social media, but we will be releasing more as we approach Earth Day itself. Check out the current events on our events page and share them on social media to get the word out as far and wide as possible. If you have any other ideas for Earth Day events or are interested in hosting something, do not hesitate to contact us. We want as many people to be involved as possible!


Earth Day aside, we also did a beach clean in Saltdean today to work off some of the Easter chocolate. We found this to be slightly different from previous cleans. It was encouraging to find the beach a lot tidier than other spaces that the Green8eam has visited. However, once we had trained our eyes to search among the pebbles, we found a lot of washed up material caught amongst bits of seaweed and ocean debris. This included all kinds of plastic, ranging from bottle tops and lollipop sticks, to bits of rope and polystyrene packaging. My particular problem on this litter pick were the lollipop sticks (seen on the right of the image to the right), as I found I often overlooked them thinking that they were feathers. Surely given that I had an issue making this distinction, there will be animals having this difficulty as well, for example, birds flying using the lollipop sticks for their nests. Straws seem to have taken the world by storm at the moment, and for good reason – see our own article to attest to that. However, we need to think about plastic on every level. These lollipop sticks are just as bad as straws, and straws are just as bad as all of the other waste people are carelessly throwing away. Remember – there is no ‘away’. The litter pick today really highlighted to me that, even when a space looks clean, there is always waste lurking underneath the surface. Renewed inspiration to recycle whatever you can and put the rest in the bin.

This week, we have an Edinburgh litter pick planned for Saturday in The Meadows, starting at 10am. Go to our events page or our Facebook page for more information and, as always, share with friends! Keep a look out for more updates to our Earth Day campaign as well. Further events will be posted on the website and will also be added to Facebook for you to attend and also share with friends. 

We will also have a new documentary review coming to our Reel Talk blog, as well as a new recipe for your delectation on Food Re-viewed. Keep your eyes peeled! As always, do comment below or contact us if you have anything to contribute to our Earth Day plans or blog! 

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