What on Earth (Day)?!


Happy Earth Day! 

All of us at Green18 have had the greatest day watching so many people getting involved throughout this day of celebrations, especially the people we have had involved at all of our cleans across the UK today – we can’t thank all of you in Aberdeen, Dundee, St Andrews, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cambridge and Brighton enough for doing your own bit for the planet!

An extra special thank you has to go to all of those who helped us promote and host each event: Sammy, Grania, Alec, Michelle and Jocelyn as well as those with the University of St Andrews Wildlife and Conservation Society, Transition St Andrews, Glasgow Schools Rowing Club, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Humane SocietyAberdeen City Council and Fife Council who helped facilitate our events!


This year, Earth Day, arranged by the Earth Day Network, was used to raise awareness of plastic in our environment, both rural and urban, and the damage that this has caused. Ever since Blue Planet 2 hit our screens last year, there has been a monumental response to reduce plastic usage and plastic pollution in our oceans and natural environments. For decades, plastic has been discarded without thought and now we are starting to reverse our habits. Today, over 100 Green18 volunteers collected over 80 bin bags of waste collecting bottles, packaging, fishing line, fishing rope, shoes, golf clubs, straws and much more! Thankfully governments across the world are starting to tackle the plastic problem and hopefully there will come a time where we aren’t haunted by our abuse of the planet we depend on.

We have hosted several litter picking events now to highlight the extent of the problem. Today was the culmination of our showcasing how much community engagement in litter picking can do for our green and blue spaces and I think we have reached our target for Step 17: #Green18Clean. We can’t thank enough all of those people who helped us today and in previous events and we want to encourage them and everyone else to continue to keep our streets, paths, parks, meadows, forests, rivers, beaches and seas clean and plastic free. We will always support and promote any events going forwards – and if anyone would like to host a clean Green18 will happily promote and organise so get in touch – but now we will be aiming to educate and engage people with new topics and new events. Much more lies in store for the Green18 challenge and there is so much left for us to learn. 

Please tag us in your own journey to a #Green18 life and give us your tips for everything from recipes to shampoos to documentaries! It is all of you who keep me, Maia and Kimberley going on this twisting path to environmental friendliness!

Stay tuned for our next steps!

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