Ain't Snowbody Gonna Get Me Down


Yet another week of excitement with only a little disappointment. We had to cancel our #Green18Clean this week after the Beast from the East decided to cover the Meadows, Edinburgh with several inches of snow. It was unfortunate timing because this clean was in aid of Keep Britain Tidy’s #GBSpringClean campaign. Luckily, Keep Britain Tidy has extended their #GBSpringClean until the 25th March in aid of the snow. We will be rescheduling our #Green18Clean for this coming weekend 10th March – find our event on Facebook.

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We now have a new blog with our recommendations for inspirational documentaries to show both the effects of our harmful actions but also the ways in which we can help to be part of the team working to reduce and reverse the damage we have done. Stay tuned for some more exciting documentaries in the weeks to follow.


We have also focused specifically on what we do in the bathroom this week. We posted some tips and hints a few days ago if you want to try your own bathroom challenge – click here. To show our progress we have put everything in our bathroom (for this we have included make-up and moisturisers etc in the bedroom bracket) in a list below and how much progress we have made so far. The aim is to get to a zero plastic bathroom by the end of 2018!

  1. Toothbrush – using a Humble Brush made of compostable bamboo with nylon bristles. Hopefully non-plastic bristles can be found easily soon!
  2. Toothpaste – This is tricky. Some councils accept the plastic tubes where as others would prefer the easier to recycle plastic pumps. We are upgrading to a plastic pump. There are natural toothpastes (and some even in non-plastic tubes) out there but at £8 a tube we are searching for a cheaper alternative – anyone found something amazing for us? 
  3. Shower Gel – Upgraded to Faith in Nature products with recyclable plastic bottles. Still looking for non-plastic alternatives like Lush’s Naked range.
  4. Shampoo – Upgraded to Faith in Nature products with recyclable plastic bottles.
  5. Conditioner – Upgraded to Faith in Nature products with recyclable plastic bottles.
  6. Loofa – upgrade to a sea sponge alternative - NO PLASTIC YAY!
  7. Razors – Saving up this month to upgrade to a nice stainless steel safety razor. This is more expensive for the handle but the blades make it work out as cheaper in the long run.
  8. Shaving Foam/Gel – There are ways of making your own (search on Ecosia), but I will turn to the old-fashioned shaving soap and brush for now.
  9. Toilet PaperWho Gives a Crap will provide us with toilet paper with no plastic packaging and no cut down trees.
  10. Plastic Bin Liners – switching to biodegradable D2W liners
  11. Bathroom Cleaner – Anti-bacterial and fully recyclable from Method!
  12. Bleach/Toilet Cleaner – Our wonderful Ecoleaf toilet cleaner is environmentally friendly
  13. Hand Soap – using Method hand soap in recyclable bottle
  14. Towels & Bath Mat – 100% cotton towels are nice for you and the environment without releasing plastic microfibres into the waterways!
  15. Sanitary Products – hard for me to advise but we will have a review on the Mooncup coming soon!

If each of us took on these steps and shared all our tips with each other we can all be plastic free in our bathrooms by the end of the year!

This week coming we will be taking our Green18 challenge to the bedroom in full force. We will be back at the end of the week with how we got on. 

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