It seems Storm Ali has blown us back on course after our longest break yet… Even our website was informing us of how ‘idle’ we had become - for this we call on your forgiveness, and hope you will join us with our new beginning full of spring in step.

The rush of life comes at you out of the blue, getting in the way of blogging, tweeting, gram-ing, and facebook-ing just when you think everything is under control. A step into self-employed life was supposed to free up some of my time and make Green18 even more achievable, that didn’t happen. Despite giving ourselves a hard time, upon reflection, we didn’t forget our goals, we didn’t relax our targets, and we didn’t stop thinking about all of you amazing eco-warriors out there!


We welcomed the kick back into action by the inspirational group - Glasgow Over Plastic. They hosted a public screening of ‘Albatross’ by Chris Jordan last night to a sell out crowd. The documentary was perfect for re-inspiring those on the journey towards the ethereal plastic free life, and showed harrowing footage of the hardship young albatross have to endure as a result of marine plastic pollution. Soon we will add this documentary on to our list because it really does show how far away your plastic waste can have an impact on innocent wildlife, we would implore you all to watch it.

The night also featured representation from the Marine Conservation Society and Keep Scotland Beautiful making it the perfect night for those starting on their plastic free journey, or even those like us who needed shaken back to reality. The turn-out to the event showed us that there are so many people like us out there doing our own little bit, and that there are some amazing opportunities to get involved to make an even bigger change. Don’t get disheartened if you have a quiet month (or two!) you will get back in the swing of things before long, and you will continue to be part of the millions of people all making small changes towards the future of our planet. You may even be that person that inspires another eco-warrior back to the fight.

P.S. Kimberley was a raffle winner which may have made the night that much better too…

Peace out Green8eam!

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