At the beginning of 2018, in honour of the new year, Rufus developed a simple 18-step strategy to lessen his own environmental impact and, thus, Green18 was born. Over the course of the year, he began to expand his knowledge of all the different factors that affect our global environmental problem, from the widely acknowledged ones such as recycling and fossil fuels, to lesser-discussed ones like our diet and clothing choices. He tracked his successes and challenges on a series of blogs on a personal website, which began to attract new contributors to the cause.


From new years resolution to personal blog to website, the first year of Green18 was one of discovery. The next few years we intend to spread the word. Green18 is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, aiming to use our knowledge and passion to inspire and educate others - people of all ages, across Scotland. Our own personal experiences from 2018 will inform our activities: hosting and promoting clean-up activities across the country; engaging future generations by involving children of all ages in education sessions; and organising public events such as documentary screenings and workshops to involve and inspire all of the community.

And behind all of this activity are the original Green18 - 18 steps that can be adopted and followed by anyone at home who, like Rufus, want to reduce their individual environmental impact. We believe that, if every person makes their own changes, we can achieve a bottom-up effect that will influence the impact of our nation as a whole. We also believe that any action, however small, to reduce your impact is worthwhile. No one can do everything; we can only strive to do as much as we can.

The headlines of today paint a stark picture of the future for the planet and humankind if we do not begin to change our actions as a globally united society. This can seem overwhelming and can make it seem like any individual effort is futile. Here at Green18, we want to show that everyone can do their bit and that, together, we can make an essential and impactful change.